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Kodak Invests in Wildcat Company Developing EV “Super Cell” Battery

Eastman Kodak Company has announced the acquisition of a minority stake in Wildcat Discovery Technologies, a technology company that uses proprietary high-throughput methods to rapidly develop new battery materials. Wildcat is developing a breakthrough EV “super cell” designed to provide a greater than 90 percent improvement in energy density over today’s best batteries, which could further accelerate the widespread adoption of EVs.

Kodak’s investment will be used to support rapid development of the new technology, with the goal of having the “super cell” ready for commercialization in two years. Kodak has also entered into an agreement to provide coating and engineering services in collaboration with Wildcat to develop and scale film coating technologies which are critical for the safety and reliability of the next generation of EV battery technology. Wildcat has granted Kodak certain rights to negotiate a production or licensing arrangement with Wildcat when and if Wildcat’s technology reaches commercial readiness.

More information can be found here.


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