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An expert team focusing on ML and AI-based forecasts with solid domain knowledge in commodities and

Data Analytics

Want to gain real-world market insights? MLT Analytics employs robust statistical and computational tools to generate market scenarios and rationalize industry macrotrends and microtrends.

Market Research

In search of detailed market intelligence? You've found your preferred partner in MLT Analytics. We have the tools and methodologies to devise robust approaches to quantifying and qualifying industrial sectors. 

Price Forecasting

Want to know where prices are headed? MLT Analytics utilizes advanced machine learning technology and artificial intelligence (AI) tools, coupled with domain expertise in various industrial sectors to create short-, mid-, and long-term price forecasts for commodities and specialty products. 


Searching for a growth strategy? Want to know what your industry peers are up to? Drop us a line. We have the expertise and tools to identify where the value lies in your business, and what makes an industry player successful. 



At MLT Analytics, we're all about applying machine learning technology (MLT) and artificial intelligence, coupled with a healthy human touch, to develop rational, robust and reliable forecasts. We believe that solid domain expertise is essentially in the successful application of AI and MLT. Hence, our team includes industry experts with decades of combined expertise in industries such as commodity, specialty and engineering plastics and elastomers, petrochemical feedstocks and products, specialty chemicals and additives. Our expertise extends to processing, conversion and production equipment and plants, and downstream to end user industries such as automotive, hygiene, food and beverage, packaging, and agriculture. Whatever your market intelligence, data, or strategic planning need, our team are ready to assist with an actionable plan.

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