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MLT Analytics has published several multi-client reports since May 2022. Reports are delivered in PDF format with accompanying Excel data files and online interactive dashboards. A special feature of each report is the furnishing of report updates over a six-month period from report purchase to reflect material changes in the market.

Global EVA/POE Solar Module Encapsulant Sheet Market—2024 Edition: A fast-growing market undergoing rapid transformation

Our report estimates the global solar encapsulant sheet market at in excess of 1.7 million tonnes in 2023, with around 28% of the market being POE based on MLTA’s proprietary market modelling. The base case scenario also forecasts growth averaging over seven percent per annum over the next decade.  Learn More

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BioPO report cover.png
Global Bio-based Polyolefin Report—2023 Edition: Market penetration for a sustainable industry future

The global market for bio-based polyolefins is forecast to multiply by a factor of more than 20 between 2022 and 2032, reaching a volume of more than 4.7 million tonnes according to a ground-breaking report released by MLT Analytics.  Learn More

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UHMWPE report cover.png
(U)HMWPE Report—2023 Edition: Battery Separator Film a Key Growth Driver

The global market for HMWPE/UHMWPE powder was estimated at over 580,000 tonnes in 2022 excluding the Middle East & Africa and Latin America. These two remaining regions are estimated to account for only several percent of global demand, translating to an overall global market for (U)HMWPE powder of somewhat less than 600,000 tonnes for 2022.

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EVA report cover.png
Global EVA Report—2023 Edition: Focus on Asia Pacific and POE Intermaterial Competition

China, North America, and Europe are currently the top three consuming regions for EVA globally but by 2032, Southeast Asia will assume the third-ranked spot, followed by the Indian Subcontinent and Europe. This is mainly due to slow growth in traditional packaging applications for EVA due to inter-material competition with POPs, for example, while much faster growth is forecast for solar encapsulant sheet and footwear centered on Asia.

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POE POP report cover.png
Global Ethylene-based POE/POP Report—2023 Edition: Solar Encapsulation Film Drives Market Growth

The global metallocene-catalyzed ethylene-based POE/POP market was an estimated 1.96 million tonnes in 2022, with the Asia Pacific region accounting for around 60% of consumption. POE/POP demand growth of 7.5% is forecast through to 2030, led by India, China and Southeast Asia in the Asia Pacific region. China is home to the world’s largest automobile and solar panel industries, which are key growth drivers.

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HMSPP mPP report cover.png
Global HMS-PP and mPP Report—2024 Edition: Specialty Polypropylene Materials Star in Sustainable Applications

MLT Analytics is a recognized expert in analysis of high melt strength polypropylene (HMS-PP) and metallocene-catalyzed PP (mPP) resins. HMS-PP has come under renewed focus as a promising material for reusable food and beverage containers, while mPP is establishing a positions for itself in hygiene and rigid packaging, among others. 

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(U)HMWPEレポート—2023年版: バッテリーセパレーターフィルムが成長の

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