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Citroniq Chemicals, Mitsui Plastics Consider Carbon Negative Polypropylene Supply Agreement

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

Citroniq Chemicals, a world-scale producer of carbon-negative materials, and Mitsui Plastics, Inc. (MPI), a wholly owned subsidiary of trading house Mitsui & Co. (U.S.A.), Inc., have executed a letter of intent for a large-scale supply agreement for sustainable polypropylene (PP), marking the beginning of a long-term alliance between the two companies.

Citroniq and MPI's alliance is timely as consumers are demanding sustainable, environmentally friendly, and socially responsible products. MPI has recognized Citroniq's PP as a viable solution to meeting their growing demand for sustainable materials. Made from a sustainable biogenic feedstock (bioethanol synthesized from corn) using renewable energy, Citroniq's green carbon-negative PP sequesters CO2 in a useful plastic pellet.

"Citroniq is dedicated to being a 'pure play' sustainable materials company. With our annual [production] capacity of over 900 million pounds of green polypropylene at our Kansas plant, our cost position will be highly competitive, leveraging existing feedstocks and logistically advantaged infrastructure," said Citroniq's co-founder Kelly Knopp. The Citroniq website states a nameplate capacity of 450,000 tonnes/year, which is twenty times more than current global green polypropylene production according to the company. Actual production of around 400,000 tonnes/year is targeted.

"Together, MPI and Citroniq will be able to provide customers with global-scale supplies of 'drop-in' sustainable resins much faster than the alternatives, resulting in meaningful reductions in their carbon footprint, on schedule with their carbon reduction targets," said Citroniq's co-founder Mel Badheka.

"Mitsui & Co. has set a goal to become carbon neutral by 2050. MPI, as part of the Mitsui & Co. Group, is investigating various options to accomplish this target, such as adding Green Polypropylene to our portfolio through a partnership with Citroniq," said Mitsui Plastics Inc. CEO Teruya Mogi.


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