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Citzen Watch Boasts Bio-PU Strap

Mitsubishi Chemical's BENEBiOL biomass-based polycarbonatediol (PCD) has been selected by Citizen Watch for use in its fall/winter 2024 Citizen Promaster model (Product No.: JV1007-07E). BENEBiOL will be used as a raw material for polyurethane (PU) used in the watch band. 

 With BENEBiOL, Mitsubishi Chemica became first in the world to develop a biomass-based PCD. This product is mainly used as the primary raw material for polyurethane resins. The use of BENEBiOL helps increase the durability of polyurethane from the general level. In recognition of its high durability and environmental friendliness, Citizen Watch selected BENEBiOL for use in the watch band of Promaster, which is an icon among professional sports watches, known for superior durability and reliability in extreme outdoor environments on land, at sea, and in the air.

Image Courtesy of Citizen


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