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Coolbrook, Braskem to Cooperate on e-Cracking

Coolbrook, a transformational technology and engineering company, and Braskem, the leading integrated petrochemicals company in the Americas, have entered into discussions to join forces to cooperate for the scale-up of Coolbrook’s patented electric Roto Dynamic Reactor (RDR) technology and potentially deploy it in its steam cracker units.

Using electrification powered by renewable energy, Coolbrook's RotoDynamic Reactor (RDR) is the only technology in the world capable of eliminating 100% of the CO2 emissions created in the steam cracking process, the first and most polluting step in the production of plastic. It will be further developed and proven in action during the pilot period.

As part of the potential cooperation, Braskem will become a key partner to Coolbrook's large-scale pilot project in the Netherlands. The companies will also jointly evaluate the industrial deployment of Coolbrook’s RDR technology in a large-scale demonstration project at Braskem’s production site. This potential cooperation will support Coolbrook’s ambition to make its revolutionary RDR technology available for commercial use at scale as soon as 2024.

Steam cracking to produce ethylene, propylene, and other valuable chemicals is one of the most energy intensive and CO2 emitting industrial processes globally. With Coolbrook’s patented RDR technology it is possible to replace the burning of fossil fuels with electrification in steam crackers to reduce global CO2 emissions by approximately 300 million tons annually. In addition, the RDR technology improves energy efficiency and increases ethylene yield by up to 20% compared to traditional cracker technologies.


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