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Injection-moldable Cellulose Cross-linked Polymer Features in Korea

Last week MLT Analytics visited the Koplas Show in Seoul, Korea, where came across an injection-moldable wood composite dubbed CPX, or Cellulose X-linked Polymer. Developed by local company Dongnam Realize, CPX consists of 70% wood powder waste, a 10% mineral content that includes a colorant, and 20% LDPE wax that cross-links with the wood powder in the injection molding process.

We spoke to Lee Sanghyeok, Planning Department Senior Manager at Dongnam Realize, who said that the ultimate aim was to replace petroleum-based wax with a bio-based LDPE wax to further the environmental credentials of CPX.

According to the product brochure, CXP is a domestic Korean wood, made from forestry by-products, and internationally certified as a forest product. CXP is reportedly the world's first “thermosoftening” and non-toxic wood and is also certified by the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC).

Compared to natural wood, it has better durability, weather resistance, moisture resistance, and doesn't require any kind of lacquer or treatment. CXP reportedly decomposes naturally over the course of years, leaving no microplastics behind, or can be carbonized under certain conditions to become coal.


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