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MLT Analytics Updates POE Report

MLT Analytics attended the recent Chinaplas show in Shanghai, where we met a number of suppliers of polyolefin elastomers and plastomers (POEs/POPs), including several emerging Chinese players. We also recently attended a webinar focussed partly on encapsulant materials. End result? We think we have more than enough fresh market intelligence to warrant a major update of our industry de facto standard report, which first debuted in February 2022 as a multiclient study.

The June 2024 edition of the report addresses emerging trends issues of immediate and critical importance including:

  1. Updated  forecasts by region and application extended up to 2033;

  2. Updated capacity database by supplier and location;

  3. Updated and enhanced profiles of new Chinese suppliers in the POE/POP market including Wanhua, Chambroad, Sinopec and Levima Wison;

  4. Review of tentative new POE/POP projects in China and elsewhere;

  5. Updated review of solar cell structures and fabrication methods (TOPCon, HJT, LECO, etc.) and their influence of encapsulant material selection (POE vs. EVA);

  6. Review of new types of EVA and POE grades and sheet structures;

  7. Updated and expanded review of solar module production costs (unsubsidized basis) by country;

  8. Updated regulatory review.

Contact us for more details.


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