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MOST A&I India LLDPE Report Highlights Import Dominance of Several Global Players

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

Interestingly, and perhaps unsurprisingly, three global suppliers of LLDPE dominate the imported resin market in India—ExxonMobil Chemical, Dow Chemical, and Borouge, with SABIC following up in fourth position. It's unsurprising due to the locations of their production assets and their broad product offerings. In fact, the top four market share for the Jan–Feb timeframe of 2021 in this data sample was close to 90%.

LLDPE import market shares are headed by Dow Chemical, Borouge and ExxonMobil Chemical for non-metallocene-catalyzed LLDPE, with ExxonMobil Chemical the standout for metallocene-based LLDPE grades. The mLLDPE category in this report includes ethylene-based polyolefin elastomers and plastomers (POEs/POPs) reported as sub-resins, while MDPE grades are also categorized and analyzed separately.

This LLDPE market share structure reflects the findings of MLT Analytics’ MOST A&I report into the Indian polypropylene import market announced recently, where three global suppliers were also found to dominate the Indian PP market, albeit to the lesser extent of a 57% market share. What this analysis once again shows is that there is scope for regional LLDPE suppliers to expand their market shares in India given the considerable gap between them and Tier I players.

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Image: MLT Analytics


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