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New POE Supplier Emerges in Korea

Korea’s Hanwha TotalEnergies Petrochemical has completed construction of a polyolefin elastomer (POE) pilot plant, representing a significant step in the expansion of the high value-added material business. This is the company’s first joint project with Hanwha Solutions, a Hanwha affiliate, and TotalEnergies, its shareholder.

The 200 tonnes/year of POE produced, and major processes tests undertaken at the new plant will lay the foundation for the construction of a commercial plant capable of producing 100,000 tonnes of POE annually in the future.

POEs are used widely as impact modifiers in automotive and consumer goods such as footwear, and more recently as an encapsulation material for solar modules. This fast-growing application is driving demand growth for POEs, with the global market forecast to grow at 7.2% between 2020 and 2030 according to estimates by MLT Analytics to reach a value of $6.3 billion. Solar encapsulant market growth is forecast to exceed 20% per annum.

The new POE pilot plant at Hanwha TotalEnergies Petrochemical’s Daesan plant will be capable of producing 200 tonnes of POE per year. Image courtesy of Hanwha TotalEnergies Petrochemical.


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