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Plastic or paper packaging?

Among "sustainable" materials vying for a piece of the incumbent plastic packaging and disposable cutlery pie is @PulPac dry molded cellulosic fiber, whose eponymous Swedish developer has just announced the debut of a commercial production unit said to have the productivity of a plastic injection molding machine. The unit can be viewed in operation here. More information on the process is here. According to PulPac, "The PulPac PU300 is engineered as a modular industrial production line, ready for food grade production of high volume and affordable Dry Molded Fiber products."

“The PU300 machine platform is a milestone for making affordable fiber-based packaging globally available. To meet the massive interest from brands and converters, we are now scaling supply chains by building a global community of world leading Dry Molded Fiber suppliers. We welcome converters, machine builders, brands and fiber providers to join us and transform the industry from within. Simplifying the transition and support our clients to get going with their own Dry Molded Fiber manufacturing is core priority in order to reach our goal of replacing +1 million tons of plastic by 2025,” says Linus Larsson, CEO and Co-founder.


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