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Plastic or paper packaging? Part II

Stretch film is a wonder of a packaging material, ensuring that product gets to market without damage. Performance demands typically mandate the use of HAO grades of LLDPE (both metallocene- and Ziegler-Natta-catalyzed types) while stretch film converters are typically large in scale, meaning resins are normally competitively-priced. So, it came as something of a surprise that a global packaging supplier going by the motto "Paper where possible, plastic when useful" took on the challenge of developing a stretchable paper-based alternative to stretch film. @Mondi is the company and Advantage StretchWrap is the name of the paper product.

The lightweight paper grade from Mondi made specially for wrapping pallets is able to stretch and resist punctures, providing robust protection for goods during transit. "The current industry standard for pallet wrapping is a multi-layer plastic material with low recycling rates," notes Mondi. The Advantage StretchWrap paper, along with the purpose-built Rocket E-500 wrapping system from ACMI, makes it possible to switch to a fully recyclable pallet wrapping solution.


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