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Plastic Solar Panel Frames in the Offing

LG Chem has developed a plastic material that can replace the metal in solar panel frames for the first time in Korea and has started marketing efforts. The company has introduced LUPOY EU5201, a PC/ASA flame retardant material that maintains its shape even under aggressive temperature changes due to its low thermal expansion , using their proprietary technology and manufacturing method.

Solar panel frames are located at the edge of solar panels to protect and support the panel from external impact. Heat resistance and strong durability against corrosion are required as the materials are exposed outside for a long time, such as on exterior walls or the roof where there is direct sunlight. Solar panel frames account for about 10% of the weight of solar panels and are mainly made of aluminum alloy.

LUPOY EU5201 is a high-performance engineering plastic grade that supplements the mechanical properties of general plastics by adding glass fiber.

It has the same level of durability as existing aluminum, but is half the weight and has excellent price competitiveness. Also, it has excellent dimensional stability that maintains its shape even in temperature changes, so it is not easily deteriorated or deformed by the external environment. The chemical decomposition caused by ultraviolet rays exposure has been reduced, which has significantly improved the lifespan of the product compared to general plastics, and the color remains the same even after long-term exposure to ultraviolet rays.

* PC/ASA: Engineering plastic with enhanced physical properties made by mixing ASA (Acrylonitrile Styrene Acrylate) resins with polycarbonate as a base


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