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Toray Commercializes 100% Plant-based Nylon Fiber

Toray Industries, Inc. has developed a nylon 510 (N510) fiber that incorporates 100% ‘bio-based synthetic polymer content’ Ecodear N510, is the first 100% plant-based nylon fiber in Toray’s Ecodear lineup.

Toray already offers partially plant-based polyester, nylon, and other polymers. It developed Ecodear N510 by polymerizing sebacic acid from castor-oil plant and pentamethylenediamine from corn and spinning.

Toray plans to begin Ecodear™ N510 textiles sales for fall/winter 2023. Initial production volume to be 200,000m by the end of March 2023 and growing to 600,000m in March 2026. Ecodear™ N510 fiber sales are targeted for fall/winter 2024 with an expectation of a monthly supply of 3 tonnes/month in the year ending March 2024.

While primarily for sports and outdoor fabrics, Ecodear N510 applications extend to lightweights, cut-and-sew fabrics through innerwear lace materials. Image: Toray


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