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Turkish PP imports–Diverse Countries of Origin and Broad Application Pallet

Turkey has traditionally been a major importer of polypropylene resin for use in everything from automotive to woven bags and to this day, it continues to rely on Europe, the Middle East, and to a lesser extent Asia for its conversion needs. MLT Analytics’ latest MOST AI (Market-Oriented Strategic Trade Analysis & Intelligence) report covering PP imports for calendar 2021 unveils some interesting insights into the origins and applications of resin coming into the country:

· Unsurprisingly, the Middle East and Europe are the main sources of PP imports given their proximity and European investment in Turkey’s auto sector.

· Saudi Arabia is the chief source of imports with a ca. 35% market share.

· South Korea is also a notable player (ca. 8% market share), followed by Russia (ca. 8%), which has not sanctioned Russian imports.

· No other country has a market share exceeding 5%, highlighting the fragmented nature of the market.

· Turkey imports significant volumes of compounded PP for its automotive and appliance sectors because it does not have sufficient local compounding capacity.

· PP grades for biaxially-oriented film, woven bags, and hygiene (nonwoven) applications head the list of imports.

· At the process level, injection molding, cast film, spunbond nonwoven, monofilament and raffia are the leaders.

Contact us for more information on our MOST AI (Market-Oriented Strategic Trade Analysis and Intelligence) reports for major polyolefin markets such as Turkey, India, Vietnam and Brazil. Coverage includes the United States, Mexico, all of South America and several major Asian markets.

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