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Chinese team builds flying car prototype unlike any other

The design might not be everyone's cup of tea but the functionality of this flying car developed in China is interesting. The flying car consists of three separate modules: an autonomous vertical takeoff and landing vehicle, an intelligent control cockpit and an autopilot chassis, capable of switching between driving and flight modes.

A team led by Xiang Changle, a member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and including members of the Beijing Institute of Technology, recently unveiled a two-seat engineering prototype of a manned flying car, the world's first such product with a split design.

After the driver drives the vehicle underneath the vertical takeoff and landing vehicle, the chassis will lift the cockpit to make a fixed docking. The chassis then drives away from the cockpit and the vertical takeoff and landing vehicle carries the cockpit into the sky.

This design is unlike anything currently being explored in the eVTOL space, and the closest to its concept is probably XPeng Aeroht, a subsidiary of XPeng Motors. .The cockpit has an ultra-lightweight design, weighing only 80 kg. The maximum load of the autopilot chassis is over 500 kg, and the maximum speed can reach 80 km per hour. v


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